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baby growth ..when does it slow down?
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Posted by josephgalvan
May 10, 2018 7:44:11 GMT -5

my 10 week old is 17lbs , hes in carters 12mth sizes for summer clothes ...shorts or tank rompers , he wears gymbo 6-12 in the baby boy line.

weve been having 80 degree hes been wearing summer stuff already. Id have to say the carters rompers look like he'll be needing the 18mth sz in a couple of months. he still wears 9mth in jammies since theyre supposed to fit sung.

we have a gymbo, little me , osh kosh outlet & i wanted to stock up on some fall/winter stuff while its such a great price, but im not sure what size to get.

i like rompers becuase theyre comfy & dont slide up around his chin when i pick him up, eventually rompers will look corney on him..i

i did buy a 12-18 mth for fall , but now im wondering if it will be too small by then

I cant imagine he'll keep growing at this rate , but my hbby is the shortest man in his family at 6'4 & im 5'11 i guess hes gonna be a big boy .

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