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10 month old growing skinnier
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Posted by josephgalvan
May 10, 2018 7:43:13 GMT -5

I have been mom for all of 10 months by now and everyday it has roller coaster ride. Gone are the laid back days when it was just me and my husband.. any way back to the question i wanted to ask:

Ever since my 10 month old started crawling and moving around, he has started growing skinnier. His diet have not changed drastically, in fact he is eating a little more these days, but doesn't seem to be holding on to much. He normally eats cereal, gerber foods (stage 2 & 3), some home made finger or pureed foods, yogurt and his usual formula.

Would anyone mind sharing their thought on this? Also any particular food items i should incorporate in his daily diet?

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Aug 24, 2018 15:21:02 GMT -5
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