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March Check In
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Posted by bonzo2012
Feb 28, 2017 13:10:09 GMT -5
I know it's a day early, but wow February flew by! What is everyone up to?

Posted by bonzo2012
Feb 28, 2017 13:12:20 GMT -5
I've been incredibly busy with work, plus starting IF testing. It's made for a stressful month, and I'm glad February is practically over.

But I brought these cuties (plus 2 more) home today!

Posted by bonzo2012
Feb 28, 2017 14:32:59 GMT -5
, did they figure out what the breathing issue was? That sounds scary. I'm glad he's doing better now!
Posted by saltypearl
Feb 28, 2017 14:59:20 GMT -5
It's still February today lol. We have been insane for the past month with moving, clearing and cleaning the old house, finding a renter and trying to settle in. Originally we were going to empty our storage unit this month (Feb) too but there just was not time for that also. I really want to get on it though, most of my stuff is in there along with the next size clothes for the kids so I'm itching to get busy.

Also, my SIL is starting a bridal boutique so I've been helping out with a trade show and some marketing for her. So excited to see her flourish. She's amazing and really wants to make people happy and comfortable in prepping for their big day :)
Posted by pengy86
Mar 11, 2017 7:55:33 GMT -5
We are busy this month again. DS finished soccer last weekend. He loved it and asked to play again so he will take the class at daycare later this month. This weekend I am going to a couple of kids consignment sales to get spring/summer clothes for DS. He just outsized so we really need pants for him now. We also need to go pick up our new bedroom end tables. Next weekend DH is going to a local wrestling show and I am getting a me day (aka hair, nails). The last weekend we are free. We might take DS to go to a Thomas exhibit at the kids museum.
This month at work is super busy, I am already up 2 days worth of overage for the month so hopefully I can take a couple of days off later this month.
Posted by bonzo2012
Mar 11, 2017 9:14:58 GMT -5
, that sounds exhausting! I hope you're able to take some time off soon and relax!